Virginia  Ferreira hails from Argentina and has been working  in  costumes  for  film,  advertising,  fashion  and  theatre  throughout  Europe  since  2010. With  an  academic  background in Linguistics  and  Fashion Design from the London College of Fashion,  she  has  created  women's  and  men's  seasonal collections  shown  at  London,   Paris,  Hong  Kong  and  Shanghai fashion  weeks;  featured  in  major  publications  of  the  Condenast  group  and other key international publications.  She  has  designed  stage  costumes for pop artists including  Fergie, Madonna,  Katy  Perry, among  others;  and  for  clients  like  Mercedes  Benz and the Fashion & Textile Museum in London working side by side with legendary British designer Zandra Rhodes.

Drawing from cinema, art, fashion and advertising, Virginia is  known  for  her  provocative, avant-garde, daring, yet commercially viable  approach.

Her characteristic style is evident in her preference for black and white themes, seductive women in command and mysterious, dark, narrative elements.